What Other Types of Custom Cabinetry?

Although we are best known for our kitchen cabinets Mississauga, we also build a number of other types of custom cabinetry as well including entertainment units, custom closets and custom organizers. While ready-made-assemble-yourself organizers do exist, they are rarely sufficient to meet the needs of discerning homeowners and are almost never made from long-lasting, quality materials.

Entertainment Units

Enjoy the big game or family movie night in a whole new way. With a custom entertainment unit you can make your television, sound system or gaming systems blend into the decor rather than simply being a mess of wires and assorted technology.

Custom Cabinetry - Entertainment UnitsWith our custom entertainment units you can:

  • Add shelving around a wall-mounted TV to hold your DVDs, gaming consoles.
  • Hide unsightly wiring
  • Camouflage speakers
  • Save space by having shelving the perfect size for your speakers, DVD player, gaming consoles etc.
  • Have a unit that is perfectly fitted to your wall no matter what size your room is.
  • Have a unit that complements your other furniture and decor.
  • Reduce clutter in your living room, family room or anywhere else where you wish have an entertainment unit.

Custom Closets

If the clothes make the man (or woman), then the closet makes the bedroom. And having your own custom closet not only makes organization a snap but is also feels simply luxurious to have a closet that is designed specifically for you.

Custom closets, it has been proven can also add a great deal of value to your home – not that you’ll be wanting to sell any time soon once you have your amazing custom closet!

Custom closets can be any size ranging from the size of a regular closet to the size of an entire room.

With a custom closet you can:

  • Arrange drawers, bins and racks in a way that makes sense for you and your lifestyle.
  • Have compartments in sizes customized to suit your needs .
  • Optimize your space for best organization and eliminate clutter.
  • Have a unit that complements the other furniture and decor in your room.
  • Include extras that you probably don’t have with your standard closet such as pant and tie racks, jewellery drawers, belt racks and more.

Custom CabinetryCustom Organizer

The great look of custom organization does not have to be limited to your closet either. Stutt Kitchens can also provide custom organizers for your pantry, garage or laundry room – or for that matter, we can provide custom organization solutions for any space you wish.

With custom organizers you can:

  • Have a unit designed wherever you like to your specifications
  • Optimize your space and eliminate clutter
  • Have a unit that complements the other furniture and decor in that room

Whatever need you may have for custom cabinetry, you can be confident that we can provide a solution that fits your needs and lifestyle. And with Stutt Kitchens, you can be sure you are getting high quality cabinetry that will last for years.

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