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Planning a Kitchen Renovation In ETOBICOKE

Kitchens are such an integral part of the home. When the time comes to renovate your
Etobicoke kitchen, you need to have the best professionals by your side. Part of the
planning involves coming up with a kitchen design that’s not only attractive but also
functional. A great design will make it easier for you to keep your kitchen tidy and
organized. If you’re planning to renovate your kitchen, take time to go over the following


How much do you plan to spend on your new kitchen? First things first, get to know the cost of the entire kitchen remodel. You’re likely to spend the most on significant upgrades such as installing new kitchen cabinets, countertops, and hardwood flooring. Setting a realistic budget isn’t a simple task that’s why we always recommend working with an expert. You will not set a budget that’s too high or very restricting when you consult a professional.

Hidden Problems

A full kitchen renovation is likely to uncover a host of issues that you may not be aware of. Issues like water damage and pest infestation can be costly to fix but if ignored, can lead to more costly problems. It’s best to anticipate hidden problems and budget for them accordingly so that your renovation is done right the first time. Working with the right professionals such as a plumber and electrician will ensure these unforeseen incidents are addressed during the renovation.

Universal Design

Choose the design of your dream kitchen wisely. There are lots of universal kitchen design tweaks that you can incorporate to come up with a stunning and functional kitchen space. Working with a contractor who has years of experience in kitchen design in Etobicoke will ensure that you take advantage of some of these universal design options. For instance, you want to ensure that your choice of flooring can stand heavy foot traffic and is slip-resistant with a good grip.


Before coming up with a kitchen design, think of how much space you have to work with. Some kitchens are spacious and easy to access than others. Others have very limited space so you have to think through where you’ll keep all the appliances you own or the ones you plan to install. It’s easy to make mistakes when you have a small space so work with a professional to avoid such a disaster.


Storage is such a key element in kitchen design. Inadequate storage can make your countertops and kitchen floor look cluttered and take away from the beautiful design you intended to achieve. Think through all the viable storage options given the space available and choose your kitchen cabinets wisely.


An eco-friendly kitchen can instantly boost the look and feel as well as the value of your property. To achieve this type of kitchen design, you’ll need to choose eco-friendly materials for flooring, cabinets, countertops, and backsplash among other elements. You’ll also need to go for a more natural colour scheme. Planning an eco-friendly kitchen can be a complex process and we recommend working with an expert who has experience in green kitchen design. You’ll get help to analyse all material options and choose what’s best depending on your needs and budget.


Another thing you need to get right is the kitchen’s lighting. It’s never a good idea to design a kitchen that looks dull due to inadequate lighting. It can change the atmosphere of the space. You need to ensure the kitchen gets adequate natural lighting. Ensure the design incorporates enough windows and some skylights. Depending on the space available, you can incorporate task lighting and general lighting. Work with an expert to help you figure out the colour of your kitchen walls and cabinets because this has an impact on how bright your kitchen will appear.


When remodeling, aim to achieve a properly ventilated space. This may involve minor or major adjustments to your current ventilation. Work with an expert to figure out what’s needed because minor mistakes in ventilation can lead to a disaster. A poorly ventilated kitchen will remain damp and attract mould overtime.

Your expert in custom kitchen designs in Etobicoke

We know that no two designs can be exactly alike. Some people prefer the modern kitchen island with large countertops whereas others go for the standard layout with simple accessories and lots of storage space. Whatever your needs are, we’re happy to develop a custom kitchen design in Etobicoke that you’ll absolutely love. Wherever you are in Etobicoke, the team at Stutt Kitchens has got your back

Custom Kitchen Styles in Etobicoke

At Stutt Kitchens, we have experience designing the following custom kitchen styles:
Casual: When you want to strike a balance between relaxation and refinement. A design
that brings out your personality.


Kitchens with clean lines and open spaces best fit this definition. It involves achieving a high level of elegance with sleek and polished facades.


This style is inviting and elegant while rich and decorative at the same time. Most of these designs are not too busy.


This involves designing kitchens that are truly timeless. The style involves using natural materials in textures and embellishments to create a kitchen that’s not only unique but also one that tells a rich story.

Kitchen Renovation Process

Step 1: Design

This is where we bring all your ideas to the table. We take into account your budget and needs. Our goal is to design a stunning yet functional kitchen. If you don’t have a design preference, you can come to us and we’ll show you lots of options to choose from.

Step 2: Manage

The next step is to manage the required upgrades. We’ll analyse every detail possible before the work begins and ensure we keep you informed throughout the process.

Step 3: Install

We’ll go out of our way to get qualified tradesmen to install your kitchen free of hitches and mistakes. Be rest assured that the installation will be done right the first time.

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    What our clients are saying…

    Thanks for such great products! I am so happy with the quality and finish of my kitchen cabinets. They are perfect for my new basement kitchenette. I love that they came finished on the interior and sides in the same color. Great value and great product. And so quick too!
    Sean Chandler
    Sean Chandler
    01:22 17 Aug 19
    A complete attention to detail, a quick response to requests for change, and a pleasant demeanor at all turns recommend Stutt Cabinets. But what truly sets Brad and his design team apart are their suggestions to make the job better; an approach that engenders friendship, and a calmness under pressure. The ability to meet schedules against all odds alone is a recommendation.
    Vincent Lynch
    Vincent Lynch
    09:15 20 Aug 19
    We are writing in reference to the full service design, implementation of our kitchen and separate bar that was done by Brad Stutt and his team. This project involved a complete gut of the existing kitchen and designing and installing new cabinetry, countertop and appliances. We are extremely happy with the final product and believe Brad and his team was instrumental in several aspects of the project.Starting in the design phase, we spent quite a bit of time with Brad planning both the aesthetic and practical aspects of the kitchen and bar. He has incredible design ideas and solutions as well as a great selection of very high quality product. Brad ultimately cares about the final product and found solutions to uneven ceilings and floors as well as how to maximize the utility of our space. In addition, on the execution and implementation side, Brad and his team worked with precision, care and delivering this with the highest quality of workmanship. If there were any manufacturing problems or other issues, they handled it, with solutions including reordering new replacements so that in the end we had a flawless kitchen and bar.In addition to the above, Brad and Stutt Kitchens customer service, integrity and great communication really went far and above our expectations. We would highly recommend Brad and would be very happy to answer any questions.
    Christine Perry
    Christine Perry
    11:50 23 Aug 19
    I recently had my small kitchen remodeled by Stutt Kitchen. The design and planning was a snap with assistance provided directly by the owner. The project was scheduled about two weeks after we approved drawings, but once they started, I had a finished product 8 days later. The Stutt team met all my expectations for professionalism and knowledge on their craft. I would specifically refer Brad as his work is impeccable. I would refer my friends and family to this company and plan to have them remodel my bathroom within the next couple of years.
    Albert Damiano
    Albert Damiano
    13:10 04 Aug 18
    I have had two complete kitchen renovations done by Stutt Kitchens, and the most recent was completed six months ago including all cabinetry in my den, four bathrooms, and the laundry room the work is truly professional and done to perfection. There team always place the client first, and will work to complete to perfection. I have had friends and family compliment the work, and comment on the craftsmanship and attention to detail. Our family is truly enjoying the heart of the house with many thanks to Brad Stutt and his team at Stutt Kitchens.Thank you !!!
    Dom Bert
    Dom Bert
    02:44 14 Aug 18
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