Looking to Renovate Kitchen Cabinets in Etobicoke

Have you always wanted to give your kitchen cabinets an upgrade? Here’s your chance to work with a reliable expert to renovate your kitchen cabinets in Etobicoke. We know how cabinetry plays a crucial role in the entire kitchen design. Poor choice of cabinetry can contribute to clutter. A great design will enhance functionality and the aesthetics of your kitchen space. If you want your kitchen to be easy to keep organized and clean, finding the ideal cabinetry design is key. We’ll go over some aspects that you need to consider below when renovating your kitchen cabinets.


Know how much you want to spend on kitchen cabinets in Etobicoke? The cost of installing new kitchen cabinetry may vary depending on the type you choose and the labour involved. Consult with an expert to get an accurate estimate of the installation costs. After all, this is a kitchen upgrade that will instantly add value to your property so plan effectively to get the most of your investment.

Hidden Problems

When you set out to renovate your kitchen cabinetry, expect some unforeseen problems. You may find some structural issues and water damage problems that need to be addressed first. Work with a professional to ensure the project is as effective as possible and all these hidden problems are addressed.

Universal Design

There are some universal designs that you may want to incorporate in your new kitchen cabinetry just to ensure they turn out fully functional. This is where you can’t ignore the importance of a professional’s opinion. An expert can help you to figure out the various universal design options that will make your kitchen cabinetry stand out.


When choosing kitchen cabinetry designs, think of the space you intend to work with. Plan the space well before the remodeling begins and figure out where all the other elements of your kitchen such as appliances will go in.


To avoid clutter, make sure your choice of cabinetry will fulfill all your storage needs. Work with a professional to figure out the viable storage options depending on the amount of space that is available. Rearranging some things in your kitchen could create additional room for the new cabinetry you need.


You may want to go for eco-friendly kitchen cabinetry. There are certain materials for cabinets that are eco-friendly. If you have no idea what to choose, bring in an expert who already knows the various green options in the market. You’ll save both time and money when you hire the right professional who knows the ideal products, how they should be installed and all the steps to consider in order to ensure the cabinetry meets your needs.


Choosing just the right colour of kitchen cabinets can transform the overall lighting of the space. For instance, having brightly coloured cabinets can amplify the natural light in your kitchen. This will really have a positive impact on the atmosphere and functionality of your kitchen. Choose your cabinetry colour wisely.


This isn’t something you want to ignore when installing your kitchen cabinets. Poor ventilation can make the kitchen damp and attract mould overtime. Work with your professional to understand how they can incorporate the different aspects of ventilation when installing the new cabinets.

Your expert in custom kitchen cabinets in Etobicoke

We’ve worked with numerous clients who prefer different kitchen cabinet designs. Some go for the standard cabinets made of natural materials and warm tones to get a timeless look whereas others prefer a modern design that uses cooler tones and minimalism to give the space a striking and sleek look. Whatever your design goals are, we’re happy to come up with kitchen cabinetry that you’ll absolutely love.

Custom Kitchen Cabinet Styles in Etobicoke


Your kitchen cabinet style can be a blend of traditional detailing and modernity. This kind of cabinetry design involves incorporating your unique personality in the details.


If you want a smooth, sleek and polished design, we can help you choose kitchen cabinets with a contemporary style. We’ll make sure your cabinets are bold with a high level of elegance.


Your kitchen cabinets can contribute to making the space more inviting and elegant. A traditional style involves incorporating a range of colours, materials and elaborate motifs to achieve a look that doesn’t seem so busy.


If you want timeless kitchen cabinets that incorporate natural materials like heavy copper, iron embellishments or carved wood, you’re going for a rustic style. Get your kitchen cabinets to tell a long and rich story.

Kitchen Renovation Process

Step 1: Design

At the design stage, we bring all your ideas to life. We’ll make sure to incorporate all the tweaks necessary to achieve stunning kitchen cabinets that are equally functional. If you have no preference for kitchen cabinets before you come to us, no worries. We’ll come up with various options for quality cabinetry for you to select from.

Step 2: Manage

Once we agree on the kitchen cabinet design that fits you, the next step is managing the project to ensure it runs smoothly. Our project manager will analyse every detail necessary to ensure the installation process is worry-free. We will keep you informed on the progress of the renovation process throughout.

Step 3: Install

Be assured that highly qualified technicians will install your kitchen cabinets effectively and free of mistakes. You’ll never find cabinets that are out of place or dysfunctional after the project is complete. We check and countercheck before we leave just to ensure you get the exceptional results you deserve.

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What our clients are saying…

Thanks for such great products! I am so happy with the quality and finish of my kitchen cabinets. They are perfect for my new basement kitchenette. I love that they came finished on the interior and sides in the same color. Great value and great product. And so quick too!
Sean Chandler
Sean Chandler
01:22 17 Aug 19
A complete attention to detail, a quick response to requests for change, and a pleasant demeanor at all turns recommend Stutt Cabinets. But what truly sets Brad and his design team apart are their suggestions to make the job better; an approach that engenders friendship, and a calmness under pressure. The ability to meet schedules against all odds alone is a recommendation.
Vincent Lynch
Vincent Lynch
09:15 20 Aug 19
We are writing in reference to the full service design, implementation of our kitchen and separate bar that was done by Brad Stutt and his team. This project involved a complete gut of the existing kitchen and designing and installing new cabinetry, countertop and appliances. We are extremely happy with the final product and believe Brad and his team was instrumental in several aspects of the project.Starting in the design phase, we spent quite a bit of time with Brad planning both the aesthetic and practical aspects of the kitchen and bar. He has incredible design ideas and solutions as well as a great selection of very high quality product. Brad ultimately cares about the final product and found solutions to uneven ceilings and floors as well as how to maximize the utility of our space. In addition, on the execution and implementation side, Brad and his team worked with precision, care and delivering this with the highest quality of workmanship. If there were any manufacturing problems or other issues, they handled it, with solutions including reordering new replacements so that in the end we had a flawless kitchen and bar.In addition to the above, Brad and Stutt Kitchens customer service, integrity and great communication really went far and above our expectations. We would highly recommend Brad and would be very happy to answer any questions.
Christine Perry
Christine Perry
11:50 23 Aug 19
I recently had my small kitchen remodeled by Stutt Kitchen. The design and planning was a snap with assistance provided directly by the owner. The project was scheduled about two weeks after we approved drawings, but once they started, I had a finished product 8 days later. The Stutt team met all my expectations for professionalism and knowledge on their craft. I would specifically refer Brad as his work is impeccable. I would refer my friends and family to this company and plan to have them remodel my bathroom within the next couple of years.
Albert Damiano
Albert Damiano
13:10 04 Aug 18
I have had two complete kitchen renovations done by Stutt Kitchens, and the most recent was completed six months ago including all cabinetry in my den, four bathrooms, and the laundry room the work is truly professional and done to perfection. There team always place the client first, and will work to complete to perfection. I have had friends and family compliment the work, and comment on the craftsmanship and attention to detail. Our family is truly enjoying the heart of the house with many thanks to Brad Stutt and his team at Stutt Kitchens.Thank you !!!
Dom Bert
Dom Bert
02:44 14 Aug 18
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