How Do I Choose The Right Kitchen Hardware For My Cabinets?

Kitchen HardwareIf you thought you had a lot of selection when it came to choosing your kitchen cabinetry, hold on to your hats because there is an even wider array of hardware – handles, knobs and drawer pulls that you can choose from.

Since cabinet doors almost never come with the hardware pre-installed, it is up to the homeowner to select the hardware that she feels is most suited to her personal sense of style and that best suits her kitchen. (But don’t worry if you’re not up to deciding on your own, because our designers can certainly help with that as well),

It used to be that people would try to match their hardware with their fixtures and appliances. These days however, it is much more acceptable to mix and match colours and materials. It is perfectly fine to mix stainless steel and brushed nickel for example. They need not be a match although it is still important that they complement each other.

The follow are a few examples of what you might choose when selecting kitchen hardware:

Nickel or Steel Knobs

Simple nickel or steel knobs are a great choice for modern kitchen design and simple cabinetry. They have a clean and minimalist appearance and can be shiny or brushed metal. This hardware looks great in kitchens with black countertops and modern light fixtures.

Glass or ceramic knobs

For a warmer and more vintage look, glass or ceramic knobs can add an extra touch of character to wood cabinets. These knobs also offer a wider colour selection.

Vintage pulls with exposed screws

If you’re looking to add a touch of the industrial to your modern or transitional kitchen, this type of hardware can be a great choice. These can be in stainless steel for one kind of look or in brass to give it an entirely different sort of impact.

Tubular bar pulls

Most often seen of flat-panel doors, this style of pull is a great wall to pull a traditional kitchen door more toward the transitional. From a practical standpoint, it is also a wonder choice for homes with older people who may have difficulty using smaller knobs and pulls.

Flat bar pulls

Flat bar pulls are both sturdy and stylish. They are available in a variety of lengths and finishes and work well in kitchens with shaker cabinets and square edged countertops. They are quite timeless in their appearance and in all likelihood, they will never go out of style.

Accented wire pulls

Suited for traditional kitchens, these ornate pulls lean toward the elegant and would go will with wood cabinetry, crown molding and warm colours. These are available in a variety of finishes including black, bronze and pewter.

There is literally no end to the choices of kitchen cabinets Mississauga hardware that is available to homeowners today. Styles, finishes and colours all have an effect on the overall look of your kitchen. And while selecting from so many choices can seem a little daunting, it can also be a lot of fun. And our designers are always happy to help you make the selection that will be just right for your kitchen.

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