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Begin by gathering as much information as you can. The more you bring to our first meeting, the more productive it will be. Collect pictures that inspire you and jot down a wish list (e.g. storage for recipe books, Tupperware drawer, broom closet). If you know which appliances you’ll be incorporating into your kitchen, note their measurements. If you have floor plans of your home, bring them along. And finally, consider your budget ahead of time so that we can work towards it right from the start. Whether you have $20,000 to spend or $120,000, we’re confident in our ability to help bring your dream kitchen to life.
No. Stutt Kitchens & Fine Cabinetry has a reputation for excellence in kitchen design and, as an added value, we offer free design services to all customers who purchase our cabinetry. We’ll help you select finishes such as countertops, wall colour, flooring and more. In the interest of time, we ask you to select your own lighting, sinks, faucets, appliances and other fixtures. We will be more than happy to direct you to helpful suppliers, and we are always willing to share our opinion regarding your choices.
While the kitchen is usually designed to match the style of home, we have built beautiful kitchens for clients whose taste in cabinetry doesn’t match the architecture of their home. We do this by taking elements from other parts of the home (e.g. window style, interior finishes, furniture) and incorporating them into the kitchen for a result that is striking and cohesive.
That depends. If you’re after a stained finish, opt for wood as a stained finish is hard to achieve with MDF. Keep in mind, however, that cracking does eventually occur with wood doors as a result of temperature changes and movement. If you prefer a painted finish, we strongly suggest MDF. Thanks to our state-of-the-art equipment, we can now produce one-piece MDF doors that look as beautiful as wood. What’s more, they offer greater longevity – at a better price point. Today most designers and architects recommend MDF over wood for painted and faux finishes.
We don’t sell appliances but we can recommend a few good suppliers:
Depending on the size and complexity of the job, as well as production times and site conditions, a kitchen renovation usually takes somewhere between eight to 16 weeks. Most jobs involve two to four design meetings. Initial drawings take two weeks to complete following our first meeting, and kitchen sign-off typically occurs two to three weeks after drawings have been reviewed. Upon sign-off, kitchen delivery follows within eight to 10 weeks.
The return on a new kitchen should be measured in terms of personal satisfaction as well as financial gain. If you’re in a great location and the overall value of your home is high, you’ll reap good financial return on your new kitchen, as well as years of personal satisfaction. If you’re looking to sell your home, however, don’t get too caught up in the beauty of a new kitchen – yet! Your main objective should be to make money. Instead of investing in a renovation, consider updating your kitchen with paint, new countertops and perhaps new flooring. Once you’re in your new home, we’d be happy to design and install a dream kitchen for you.
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