Different Edges for Countertops, Which is Right?

Different Edges for CountertopsWhen you’re remodelling your kitchen, you’ve got a lot of choices to make. In fact, if you’re visiting this website, you’ve probably already given some consideration to colour schemes, kitchen cabinets Mississauga and countertops. But a decision that you may not have considered yet is what type of edge you will have for your countertop.

But wait… how many choices could there be for a detail as small as countertop edges? The answer may surprise you. There are dozens of ways that a countertop could be edged. We will discuss some of the most popular.

Square and standard thickness

A classic, clean looking design with a square edge that is the same thickness as the rest of the countertop.

Square with a mitered edge

If you see a countertop that looks like it is extra thick, there is a good change that it has a mitered edge. A mitered edge is thicker than the rest of the countertop so it gives the appearance that the entire countertop is thicker than it is.

Eased and mitered edge

And eased edge is still essentially square but it has slightly rounded corners giving the whole thing a somewhat softer appearance.

A slight variation on the eased edge is a bevel edge which means that instead of the corner being rounded it is shaved straight off leaving two oblique angles rather than one square angle.

Square with a waterfall edge

In a waterfall edge, the edge of the counter top is to run them vertically all the way down to the floor. This type of edge works well with kitchen islands.

Bullnose edge

A rounded edge with a traditional feel to it. There is also a demi-bullnose which is rounded at the top but flat across the bottom.

Dupont edge

A dupont edge is similar to a demi-bullnose except that is has a slight vertical cut before sloping into a rounded edge.

A French cove edge is a slight variation of the dupont, adding an addition square cut at the bottom of the rounded section.

Ogee edge

An ogee edge also has a very traditional appearance. The ogee edge slopes down steeply and vertically near the top half of the edge but at about the midpoint, the slopes becomes less steep.

Edges For CountertopsMarine edge

Most often seen with stainless steel countertops, a marine edge is somewhat similar to a mitered edge except that instead of being built up on the bottom, the marine edge has a slight lip on the top of the countertop.

Of course because human imagination has no limits, there are also several other types of edges including chiseled and quirk as well as an endless array of combinations of edges in which the homeowner chooses one type of edge for the top of the countertop and another type of edge for the bottom.

While the choices may seem overwhelming, our professional staff are here to help explain the various options and to make recommendations on what type of edge – or edges (yes, you might just want to choose more than one!) will work best in your kitchen.

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