When it comes to designing custom kitchen cabinets in Toronto, there are a lot of different styles that you can subscribe to, however, there are some options that transcend the test of time and become the standards of customization in the home. One of the most prominent things to consider when updating or renovating your home is the cabinets, and not just the layout, but the materials that they are made out of. The best option is hardwood, but there are 3 types that seem to are requested and appreciated above all others. For those that are looking for custom kitchen cabinets Toronto, and are serious about upgrading with stylized and flare, consider the following 3 timeless styles that you will want to explore when making the final décor decision.

Maple – One of the most popular wood choices in the world happens to also be one of the strongest and versatile. Maple is made into skateboards, cabinets, desks and so much more. The versatility of the wood makes for great kitchen woodwork and the price also is favorable to boot. It is a durable option that can be stained in just about any dark color you might want and finishes clean, something that is definitely worth noting. This will work with both rustic and modern kitchens, and is just one of the great styles to choose from.

Birch – The second type of wood is popular because of the smooth texture and finish found in the grain. This lighter wood sometimes comes through with a more rusty center and staining it can come out lighter than most, but can be treated to maintain any décor idea that you might have. Birch’s natural attraction to homeowners makes it one of the more requested options in terms of woods, and can look amazing set against a more rustic frame rather than modern boutique finishes. It can work for anyone, but save this for a more traditional home, than a Mondrian design.

Cherry – The third classic and timeless wood style is cherry. This wood can be darker over time and has an affinity for changing the way it looks depending on the light. If you have a well-lit kitchen with natural light look for the contrasting views as you pull further away. You’ll find that this dark wood can be stained but will maintain it’s finish as one of the more sturdy and solid offerings, darker than most and pricier at times than the aforementioned styles.

The above are just 3 examples of the more prominent wood styles that you can choose in today’s modern kitchen design schemes. They are not the only options, mind you, so make sure that when you’re searching through the listings of custom kitchen cabinets Toronto, you find an option that will not limit you to only those options, but will explore whatever you might have your heart set on. Customized kitchen design is all about choices, but when it comes to wood, more people choose the aforementioned than others.

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