What Are Some of The Current Trends in Kitchen Design?

I almost hate to use the word “trend” when it comes to kitchen design. Like in clothing or with the latest electronic gadgets, trends in kitchen design do develop – and some of those trends are pretty amazing. But when you are looking to redesign your kitchen, you want to go with something because it suits your lifestyle or because you really love it – not merely because it is a current trend. That being said however, there are some really great trends in kitchen design right now – so if they fit your lifestyle and you love them, they are definitely worth considering for your kitchen.

Sconce Lighting

If you love a bright space to work in and don’t mind giving up some upper cabinet space to get it, sconce lighting may be a great solution for you. One of the advantages of sconce lighting is that it allows you to point the light in any direction you choose. And the fixtures themselves can make a bold statement in your kitchen.

Open Shelving

Bistro style open shelving creates the perfect opportunity to showcase your prized stoneware or artisan glass vases when they are not in use. It makes a kitchen feel more lived in and perhaps a little less like it belongs in the pages of a magazine.

A world of caution with this trend however, is that you absolutely must avoid overcrowding open shelving or it will look more cluttered than quaint.

The drawback of course, is that you are going to give up cabinet space.

Two Colour Cabinetry

Combining different colours or shades is not new in the world of interior design but it has recently emerged in a somewhat unexpected place – in kitchen cabinets Mississauga.

The current trend is to have lighter toned top cabinets and darker toned bottom cabinets. These two tones combine to create both a look of airiness and groundedness.

Bright whites are also being abandoned for off whites and modern shades of grey.

If you go this route however, be sure that you really do love the colours that you choose as colour trends tend to be more fickle than some of the other trends in design.

Brass, Aged Gold and Black Fixtures

Stainless steel fixtures are functional and utilitarian but add brass, aged gold or black hardware and fixtures to your kitchen and suddenly they are conversation pieces adding depth and character to your design.

Even statement range hoods are quickly becoming popular – adding instant warmth to your kitchen.

Slab Backsplashes

When you open up space around your oven and range hood, it allows for the possibility of boldly patterned large backsplashes. Natural stone such as limestone or marble are ideal for creating this focal point in your kitchen.

Recycled and Reclaimed Materials

Always full of character, choices in reclaimed materials include recycled glass for back splashes, and reclaimed wood or tiles for countertops. This is great for anyone who wants to incorporate eco-consciousness into their design or for someone who is looking for that added touch that is 100% original.

When considering incorporating any of these trends into your kitchen design, just remember the trends will come and go and the most important factor is not whether something is a trend but whether it is something that you will love for years to come.

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