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The Finest Custom Kitchen Cabinets in Toronto and Mississauga

Renovating your home is a brilliant idea. On top of the obvious benefits (updated look, improved functionality, increased comfort etc.), here are surprising gains of doing kitchen renovation hand in hand with Stutt Kitchens:

  • An Enjoyable Process: From start to finish there will be no pressure, hassles, or stress. Ours is a smooth process that ensures you get the kitchen you deserve and within your budget.
  • A Great Investment: You can be sure to get very handsome returns if you resell your house after remodeling with us.
  • Spend Less: Since numerous studies show that the prices of materials increase year after year, Stutt advises clients to undertake renovations sooner rather than later. By visiting us, you will get to know how you can remodel when it’s cheaper to avoid higher labor, material, and insurance costs.
  • Easily Affordable Financing: Nowadays it is easier to remodel because of the numerous financial institutions that are ready and willing to offer affordable financing to individuals who don’t have the adequate amount for the job. There is simply no better time to undertake kitchen renovations.

Build The Custom Kitchen Of Your Dreams

Custom Kitchens Oakville Our customers are important to us. This is why we ensure that we use only use high quality material when designing custom kitchens for your residence. Furthermore all of our professionals are well trained and have many years of experience in the field. We ensure that all of our staff members are kept up to date with the latest materials and technologies. We are conveniently located at 4635 Burgoyne Street Suite One in Mississauga, ON. You are welcome to come and see our showroom in person. We have many different kitchens to choose from. We kindly ask that you make an appointment if you are planning on visiting our showroom as showroom tours are by appointment only. We carry the largest variety of kitchens in Oakville, Mississauga, Toronto and other areas. We also specialize in custom-made kitchens. You can choose from our wide variety of materials and colors. We also have professional designers on our team that can assist you in creating the perfect kitchen that would best compliment your home. Lastly many of our clients choose to save money and only replace the kitchen cabinets in their home. We encourage this because oftentimes kitchen cabinets get worn out or simply go out of style and need to be replaced. Instead of redesigning your whole kitchen, replacing the cabinets would be an easier and more economical means of giving your home a new look. We carry one of the largest varieties of kitchen cabinets in Oakville, Mississauga and the surrounding areas. Call us today and schedule your free consultation.

Stutt Kitchens & Fine Cabinetry

Kitchen renovations are proving to be popular nowadays with many families embracing the idea of transforming their kitchen areas. It is not a coincidence that people around the world are willing to spend large sums of money to possess beautiful, convenient, and breath-taking kitchens. Truly, this room has become more than just a cooking space. If you are looking for ways of making ‘the heart of your home’ a worthwhile space for your family to share delicious meals, hearty laughs and good times, you have come to the right place. Below is a complete guide to the kitchen of your dreams. Stutt Kitchens & Fine Cabinetry is one of the leading companies when it comes to custom kitchen cabinets in Oakville, Mississauga, Burlington, Toronto and other surrounding areas. We will enhance your home by creating a new custom kitchen that will bring a new stylish look to your abode. Not only will your new kitchen enhance the overall look of your beautiful home, but we also guarantee that our kitchens are of excellent quality.

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Planning a Kitchen Renovation

For many homeowners, the kitchen is the most important part of their property. You must design your kitchen in a way that’s functional and more attractive. You also want your kitchen to be tidy and clean. If you are planning to remodel your kitchen in the future, take the time to plan for the following aspects thoroughly.

Budget: Get to Know the Cost of Custom Kitchen Cabinets

The most crucial factor to consider when planning something new for your kitchen is the budget. Get to know the cost of installing custom kitchen cabinets, countertops, and other relevant upgrades. You should plan effectively and decide how much you intend to spend. Otherwise, the remodeling process will leave a significant dent in your bank account.

Fixing a budget isn’t an easy task, and if you’re not certain about all the cost elements involved, contact an expert. Depending on the remodeling project, get an accurate estimate of the labour cost, cost of all materials required, and more. It’s best to consult with an expert to get an accurate estimate. Your budget should neither be exorbitantly high nor too restricting. After all, nearly all home improvement projects add value to your property. So, planning effectively maximizes your return on your investment.

Hidden Problems

If you intend to do a full renovation, the chances are that you will find hidden issues that you were not aware about. Some of these issues include structural deficiencies, water damage, and pest infestations. They’re common in old properties or homes that have been neglected for a long time. And since you have decided to spice up your home with kitchen remodeling, it’s best to be conscientious of the fact you might end up dealing with such problems.

A kitchen renovation presents a great time to handle old, outdated systems, issues like corroded cast iron drains and leaky supply lines. When setting a budget for your kitchen remodeling project, it’s recommended to plan for these unforeseen incidents. Working with a reputable contractor means you don’t need a plumber or an electrician. This is cost-effective as you pay once for all the services offered instead of paying different contractors. lanning effectively maximizes your return on your investment.

Universal Design

Kitchen remodeling is more than just ripping things back to the bare wall studs or tearing out cabinets. And before you take the plunge and embark on the remodeling project find out more about the specific design of your dream kitchen. Even if your budget doesn’t extend to a total gut job, consider incorporating simple universal design tweaks. It also helps to work with an expert who has been installing kitchen cabinets in Mississauga to assist you in figuring out various universal design options.

Whether you choose simple or complex kitchen layouts, we emphasize the importance of seeking a professional’s opinion. Otherwise, you might get disappointed in the end. The designer will come to your home, analyze it while considering your needs, and create an excellent design. For example, it is recommended to install a floor that has some grip and can stand heavy foot traffic. You may also want to install high-quality, stain-resistant, and heat-resistant countertops.


Think about the space you intend to work with. A more spacious kitchen feels more comfortable and is easier to access. Consider the size of cabinets you intend to install, the total amount of space required for various kitchen appliances you own, or you plan to install. Remember, different kitchen appliances come in different sizes and styles, and so, planning your space before the remodeling process commences helps.

If you own a less spacious kitchen, it is wise to seek an expert’s opinion. After all, it’s easy to make mistakes that could make the entire remodeling project a disaster. For example, installing huge cabinets and countertops could leave inadequate space for other kitchen appliances like a cooker, fridge, and other appliances. The expert will also help you determine whether or not it’s possible to open and remove walls to expand the kitchen space. However, doing so comes at an extra cost. at-resistant countertops.

Storage: Consider Getting the Right Kitchen Cabinets in Mississauga

Storage is an essential element you must consider when planning your kitchen renovation. Inadequate storage means your kitchen floor and countertops are going to get cluttered within a very short time. Analyze the viable storage options and the amount of space available. This will help you to choose the right kitchen cabinets.

Choose kitchen cabinets designed for optimum storage and ensure your kitchen is perfectly lit. Large windows usher in loads of daylight and find a way to position each fixture to make them fit without cluttering the space. Installing recessed lights high above the sink offers focused, shadow-free illumination for easy cleanup and food preparation. Your kitchen will always be the heart of your home, and rearranging a few things could create enough room for storage units such as cabinets.


Nothing totally transform the overall feel of your home like a freshly-remodeled eco-friendly kitchen. After all, choosing eco-friendly materials for flooring, countertops, cabinets, and backsplash, then opting for a great color scheme is a fun part of the kitchen remodel planning process. However, if you have no idea of what you should choose, it’s time to bring in an expert.

Find a trusted eco-expert contractor who already knows various green options. He or she can help you analyze these options and choose what’s best for your kitchen depending on your budget, kitchen layout, the current color scheme, your preferences, and other important considerations. One way of making significant savings on both money and time is by working with a contractor who specializes in eco-friendly kitchen remodeling. The expert knows the right products, how they should be installed, and all other steps that must be taken to ensure your kitchen meets your needs.


The kitchen is somewhat a focal point and soul of your home, and leaving it dull isn’t a good idea. The functionality and atmosphere of your kitchen rely on adequate lighting. Natural lighting is critical in your kitchen. It creates a unique sense of openness in the kitchen. That means you may want to have enough windows and probably skylights.

Depending on the current state of your kitchen and the type of upgrades you need, an expert will help you to make a few tweaks to ensure the entire kitchen space is perfectly lit. Other appropriate lighting options include accent lighting, task lighting, and general lighting. Don’t be surprised that tweaking the color of your kitchen walls, cabinets, countertops, and backsplash could enhance the overall lighting in your kitchen. For instance, painting the walls brightly and ensuring that they resonate with all other items in your kitchen could amplify the natural light.


Ventilation isn’t an aspect you can ignore when planning your remodel. Whether you need minor or complicated adjustments to your ventilation, it’s best to work with an expert. These aren’t the simple projects where you can apply DIY skills as minor mistakes could be disastrous. Hire a contractor who can handle ductwork and other aspects of ventilation in your kitchen.

Unless your kitchen is well-ventilated, it will remain damp, and mold might start growing. Proper ventilation will prevent lingering smells, ensure a cleaner surface, control moisture, cooling, maintain cleaner air, and more. If you choose to remodel your ventilation, it’s essential to plan carefully.he natural light.

Your Expert in Custom Kitchen Designs – Mississauga and Toronto

Different people prefer different styles in the kitchen. Some go for large islands fitted with granite countertops, while others select breakfast bars and other accessories such as the copper range hood. Overall, there are three main kitchen designs:

1. Traditional Design: Incorporates natural materials and warm tones to achieve a timeless look.

2. Modern Design: Relies on sleek lines, cooler tones, and minimalism to create a striking and stylish space.

3. Transitional Design: Blends both modern and traditional designs. Although this style utilizes accessories and styles used in the traditional and modern designs, its cohesive flow is difficult to ignore.

Regardless of the kitchen design you desire and wherever you are in Toronto, the team at Stutt Kitchens has got your back. We are about:

  • Free in-home consultations and quotation: You can come to discuss with us all the ideas you have for your kitchen and get an estimate at no fee.
  • Competitive rates: As much as kitchen renovations are pricey, Stutt Kitchens will ensure you stay within your budget.
  • Commitment to customer satisfaction: For Stutt Kitchens, we only do the best or nothing. If we don’t think the results will be incredible we’d rather not do it.

Custom Kitchen Wood Selections


One of the most popular wood choices in the world happens to also be one of the strongest and versatile. Maple is made into skateboards, cabinets, desks and so much more. The versatility of the wood makes for great kitchen woodwork and the price also is favorable to boot. It is a durable option that can be stained in just about any dark color you might want and finishes clean, something that is definitely worth noting. This will work with both rustic and modern kitchens, and is just one of the great styles to choose from.


The second type of wood is popular because of the smooth texture and finish found in the grain. This darker wood sometimes comes through with a more rusty center and staining it can come out lighter than most, but can be treated to maintain any décor idea that you might have. Walnut’s natural attraction to homeowners makes it one of the more requested options in terms of woods, and can look amazing set against a more rustic frame rather than modern boutique finishes. It can work for anyone, but save this for a more traditional home, than a Mondrian design.


The third classic and timeless wood style is cherry. This wood can be darker over time and has an affinity for changing the way it looks depending on the light. If you have a well-lit kitchen with natural light look for the contrasting views as you pull further away. You’ll find that this dark wood can be stained but will maintain it’s finish as one of the more sturdy and solid offerings, darker than most and pricier at times than the aforementioned styles.

The above are just 3 examples of the more prominent wood styles that you can choose in today’s modern kitchen design schemes. They are not the only options, mind you, so make sure that when you’re searching through the listings of custom kitchens throughout Toronto, you find an option that will not limit you to only those options, but will explore whatever you might have your heart set on. Customized kitchen design is all about choices, but when it comes to wood, more people choose the aforementioned than others.


What to remember when considering custom kitchen cabinets installation:

The first thing you need to remember is that it takes time and precision to install kitchen cabinets. One would be surprised at the amount of meticulous measuring, calculations, virtual design and installation that goes into a renovation project. Expect some delays in the process of manufacturing and installation, as well as time to set and finish up different touches in the interior. You’ll want to set aside a small amount of time for the removal of the older options and the installation of new items.

The second thing you’ll want to remember is that not all options will fit in your space. Many people get excited at the proposition of getting a whole new kitchen, then are dismayed when some styles simply do not fit in the existing layouts or home styles. The modern era of construction doesn’t always give a great deal of square footage to the kitchen, with exceptions given to custom homes. With this in mind, you need to make sure that the measurements in the home are done before you purchase any kitchen cabinetry set. If there’s a doubt, double check the area’s square footage, ceiling height and whether or not the design you’re going to pick out is worthwhile with the space that you have.

The last thing you want to remember is that the cost of kitchen cabinet renovation can rise quite high if you’re not careful. There are many little things that can raise the initial price. In order to make sure that your budget can handle this option, make sure that you get a quote and then get an estimate about labor and more. If you leave a little wiggle room in your budget, you’ll end up with a positive project.

When searching for the best options in your area, consider looking through a variety of looks and feels. The kitchen is really a place that can get updated and upgraded easily, but it has to feel right aesthetically. Make sure to take your time when deciding the final steps for renovating or planning construction and remember the above things in your quest to get the best fitting cabinets in your kitchen. If you’re not happy with your room now, then look into upgrading by searching through different ideas online as the sky is the limit in regards to the design of your cabinets.

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Custom Kitchen Styles

Studies show that each person has their own style. Whatever your preferences, you are certain to find a custom design that inspires you at Stutt Kitchens. Below are some of the styles we’ve got years of experience in:


Our casual styling achieves a balance of refinement and relaxation by blending traditional detailing with a modern base. This design focuses more on personalizing your kitchen so that it can have ‘you’ in the details. It incorporates a mixture of ideas while also showing appreciation for non-conformity, self-expression, and freedom.


This style simply walks a fine line between modernity and utilitarianism and it has everything to do with clean lines and open spaces. It relies on smooth, sleek, and polished facades which create a very high level of elegance. Stutt’s contemporary design is best described using three words – bold, cultured, and streamlined.


Inviting and elegant, we can sum up this style as rich, decorative, and ornate. It embodies Europe’s golden age by employing various colors, a blend of materials, and elaborate motifs. To add to that, its symmetry and balance ensure that it maintains refinement and order so that it doesn’t seem so busy.

Select Stutt for any of the above styles and you will know why we are so popular in Canada.


The rustic style is the true meaning of timelessness. On top of creating the feeling of a lived-in environment, this style borrows a lot from nature by incorporating natural materials such as carved woods, heavy copper, or iron embellishments and textures. The resulting kitchen look is something that tells a unique, long, and rich story.

Kitchen Renovation Process


The first stage of every kitchen renovation process at Stutt Kitchens is the design stage. Here is where we employ our creative juices to accommodate all ideas brought to the table. For a design to be perfect, it needs to fit a client’s budget and needs, plus incorporate all the necessary tweaks to achieve an awe-inspiring, yet very function able kitchen.

It is not necessary that you have a design preference before you come to us. Our experts are able to come up with various unique designs for you to select from.


After we get a design that fits you, the next step is managing the renovations required. We understand preparation is key and that’s why our project managers go out of their way to analyze every necessary detail before the actual works begin. This way, we ensure all projects are worry free for our clientele.

Our management style enables us to keep you informed efficiently throughout the entire renovation process. You will receive data to illustrate financial matters concerning your project and any other piece of information you might require.


We go out of our way to employ only highly qualified tradesmen to make sure the installation process is free of hitches and mistakes. With Stutt Kitchens’ contractors, you will never find a fitting that is out of place or not functioning after the project is done. They check and counter check because we want you to enjoy, fully, what is deservedly yours after we hand over.  

Don’t hesitate to contact Stutt Kitchens for Toronto or Mississauga renovations. 

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    We invite you to our cozy showroom and experience the excitement of creating your new kitchen and living space with our talent team!


    We work with your to create the kitchen of your dreams, custom designed and built for your home. From the initial consultation through installation, we manage every detail.


    We take pride in our work and our customer experience. For over 20 years, we have been creating beautiful kitchens, bathrooms and living spaces.

    What our clients are saying…

    Thanks for such great products! I am so happy with the quality and finish of my kitchen cabinets. They are perfect for my new basement kitchenette. I love that they came finished on the interior and sides in the same color. Great value and great product. And so quick too!
    Sean Chandler
    Sean Chandler
    01:22 17 Aug 19
    A complete attention to detail, a quick response to requests for change, and a pleasant demeanor at all turns recommend Stutt Cabinets. But what truly sets Brad and his design team apart are their suggestions to make the job better; an approach that engenders friendship, and a calmness under pressure. The ability to meet schedules against all odds alone is a recommendation.
    Vincent Lynch
    Vincent Lynch
    09:15 20 Aug 19
    We are writing in reference to the full service design, implementation of our kitchen and separate bar that was done by Brad Stutt and his team. This project involved a complete gut of the existing kitchen and designing and installing new cabinetry, countertop and appliances. We are extremely happy with the final product and believe Brad and his team was instrumental in several aspects of the project.Starting in the design phase, we spent quite a bit of time with Brad planning both the aesthetic and practical aspects of the kitchen and bar. He has incredible design ideas and solutions as well as a great selection of very high quality product. Brad ultimately cares about the final product and found solutions to uneven ceilings and floors as well as how to maximize the utility of our space. In addition, on the execution and implementation side, Brad and his team worked with precision, care and delivering this with the highest quality of workmanship. If there were any manufacturing problems or other issues, they handled it, with solutions including reordering new replacements so that in the end we had a flawless kitchen and bar.In addition to the above, Brad and Stutt Kitchens customer service, integrity and great communication really went far and above our expectations. We would highly recommend Brad and would be very happy to answer any questions.
    Christine Perry
    Christine Perry
    11:50 23 Aug 19
    I recently had my small kitchen remodeled by Stutt Kitchen. The design and planning was a snap with assistance provided directly by the owner. The project was scheduled about two weeks after we approved drawings, but once they started, I had a finished product 8 days later. The Stutt team met all my expectations for professionalism and knowledge on their craft. I would specifically refer Brad as his work is impeccable. I would refer my friends and family to this company and plan to have them remodel my bathroom within the next couple of years.
    Albert Damiano
    Albert Damiano
    13:10 04 Aug 18
    I have had two complete kitchen renovations done by Stutt Kitchens, and the most recent was completed six months ago including all cabinetry in my den, four bathrooms, and the laundry room the work is truly professional and done to perfection. There team always place the client first, and will work to complete to perfection. I have had friends and family compliment the work, and comment on the craftsmanship and attention to detail. Our family is truly enjoying the heart of the house with many thanks to Brad Stutt and his team at Stutt Kitchens.Thank you !!!
    Dom Bert
    Dom Bert
    02:44 14 Aug 18
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